FETA DODONI vacuum pack

Packing = 180, 200, 400, 500g

The plastic airtight packaging Vacuum Pack is the first attempt to standardise Feta cheese into small packages.

With the trade mark imprinted on the packaging, the consumer is sure of his choice and at the same time has a practical way of storing the cheese in his household refrigerator.

Barrel aged feta 200gr

barrel aged feta 200GR

Packing = 200gr

Barrel – aged feta in plastic airtight packaging of 200g, so that you can
easily store it in your household refrigerator.

Barrel aged feta 400gr


Packing = 400gr

Plastic container of bigger volume , for longer preservation to the refrigerator


FETA DODONI plastic container

Packing = 400g, 1kg

Feta DODONI has begun to be sold in a new practical packaging of plastic containers that maintains the cheese in its natural brine giving freshness and longer shelf-life to facilitate modern households.                                                    

Barrel aged feta 150gr

barrel aged feta 150gr

Packing= 150gr

Plastic container with brine, giving freshness and longer self-life.



Packing = 250g , Half/Full  Head

Hard cheese with authentic traditional recipe and splendid rich flavour, produced exclusively from pasteurized sheep's and goat's milk. It is packed in a plastic package (tyrokefali-large piece of cheese) of roughly 8-10 kilos per item.

It is available either in bulk form the dairy markets' refrigerators or in a small standardised airtight package (Vacuum Pack) on shelves.


Packing = 18 x approx 800g

Very hard traditional cheese from whey cheese, , suitable for grating, with distinctive flavour.

It is vacuum packed in plastic sachets of 0,5 Kg.



Packing = 250g , Half/Full  Head

DODONI Kefalotyri is a hard traditional cheese with a sharp flavor and dry texture, made exclusively from pasteurized sheep and goat milk. Enjoy it as it comes, fried as “saganaki”, or grated over pasta. Its slightly salty flavor will captivate you!