Chios’ history has been closely related to mastiha, as ever since antiquity the isle has enjoyed the exclusive privilege of producing it.

Ever since Byzantium’s decadence, several oriental nations have obstinately claimed Chios island, in order to be able to control mastiha’s exclusive trade.

1997 was a key year for mastiha’s history, as the European Union recognized Chios mastiha, Chios mastiha oil and Chios ELMA chewing gum as PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin), according to regulation No. 2081/92 of the EEC

The Association produces, packages and trades Chios natural mastiha, mastiha oil and mastiha water, mastiha powder and ΕLMA chewing gum. 

Its trade activity is mostly exporting, since approximately 65% of Chios mastiha annual production is forwarded to foreign markets. 


mastiha liqueur