The Greek word for olives is elies, ελιές, pronounced el-YES.

The Greek olives available around the world are the culmination of thousands of years of cultivation, and several types of curing.

Greece is the second larger producer of table olives in the EU, and a major exporter of this agricultural product. 

Our long year experience is allowing us to offer you the best quality Greek olives under our brand name OREXA.



Packing 1 x 12kg

This type of olives is produced in Peloponnese in the regions of Kalamata and Sparta .They  are also cultivated in Central – West Greece where they come in larger sizes but with softer flesh.

The Kalamata olive has almond shape, dark purple black color and a fleshy firm texture with meaty flavor. You can distinguish it  by the firm flesh and the easy separating from the pit.

Its size has a  typical range from Superior to Giants, larger sizes are found scarcely but they lack in firmness.

It is commonly used in fresh salads, sauces, sandwiches, pizza toppings etc.



Packing 1 x 10kg

Thsi type of olives is produced in North Greece in the region of Chalkidiki peninsula which gives the best qualities of this variety and the highest volumes of this variety (90%). Copycats are produced in Egypt.

Large plump elongated and fleshy variety of green olives with a characteristic nipple. They have a unique taste and a relatively small core.  The color is intense green and without white spots and marks.  The flesh should be easily separating from the pit.

 They are ideal for stuffing due to their substantial size and you will find them typically with  almonds, red sweet pepper, garlic, lemon, orange, carrot, piri-piri, feta cheese, sun dried tomato and other specialties.

The usual sizes are from Jumbo (181-200) to Super Super Mammoth (81-90)

Usually they are served as coctail olives, or antipasto, used in sauces and casserole



Packing 1 x 12kg

This type of olives is cultivated in  Central Greece -PDO Konservolia and the most famous of them in Amfissa, which  typically gives a name to this olive.

They have a  large plump and fleshy variety with a round shape. This variety comes in naturally ripened black olive, natural green olive and blond olive.  This olive has softer flesh.

Naturally ripe, processed in brine, softer flesh than olives that are chemically treated, their color is unevenly dark ranging from dark brown to black 

The usual sizes are from Extra Large (201-230) to Mammoth (101-110)

They are used as appetizer, in cooking, salads, pizzas and sandwiches.



Packing 2 x 3kg

This type of olives is produced mainly in the island of Thasos and  this variety matures and wrinkles naturally on the tree.  PDO Thasos, also PDO from Chios and Crete. 

They have dark color, sweet taste with salty tones and a wrinkly shape which similar to  large dried raisins.

They are naturally dried on the tree, further processing with means of salt. 

Usually they are  large olives which is difficult to judge in size as they are dried.

Commonly used as  snack or side dish.